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Client Testimonials

“I had talked to several other local probate lawyers. Liz was far more knowledgeable and experienced. She worked with me for over a year, guiding me successfully through the probate proceedings. She was very skilled, always helpful and easy to work with at all times…. I most strongly recommend her to anyone needing a probate lawyer.”
“My husband and I went to Liz to help us with our estate planning and with guardianship and powers of attorney documentation. She was able to guide us through complicated waters with a strong command of the law, an understanding of what legal due diligence was right for us, and a highly professional and responsive approach to working with us. Liz is fantastic and I would highly recommend her.”
M.C., estate planning client
“We’ve known Liz a long time and were excited to use her services for the adoption of our son. She skillfully helped us navigate the system and got all of our ducks in a row for a quick and easy process on adoption day. We’ve recommended Liz to many friends going through the same process.”
M.B., adoption client
“She made the process very clear and easy, was patient with all of our questions, and offered thoughtful advice…”

Texas Probate and Estate Planning Insights

Legal changes to Second-Parent Adoption in Texas

Recent changes in Texas law expedite, simplify, and reduce the cost of the second-parent adoption process for some same-sex couples. Second-parent adoption, which refers to adoption of a child by a same-sex couple, is recommended to ensure legal recognition of the parent-child relationship between the non-biological parent and the child.
Newly married couple standing agains the sunset

Defining A Marital Relationship

The marital relationship has wide-ranging impact throughout the legal world. Inheritance, creditor liability, personal liability, tax liability, employment benefits, Medicaid benefits, social security benefits—to name but a few—are all impacted by one’s marital status.
Two wedding rings on a blue background

Common Law Marriage in Texas

Texas is one of a relatively few states that continues to recognize common law marriage. Because marital status determines division of property upon death, whether you and your partner are in a common law marriage will impact your estate plan and the division of assets upon death.
Quill pen writing in cursive on a will

How Do You Revoke a Will in Texas?

There are three general ways of revoking a will in Texas: through subsequent writing, by a physical act upon the will, or by operation of law.