Defining A Marital Relationship

The marital relationship has wide-ranging impact throughout the legal world. Inheritance, creditor liability, personal liability, tax liability, employment benefits, Medicaid benefits, social security benefits—to name but a few—are all impacted by one’s marital status. Providing appropriate legal advice can depend on knowing the marital status of a client and the beginning date of marriage. The …

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End of Life Planning

Decisions regarding end of life care and treatment involve deeply personal and often very difficult choices. In a lovely and moving article published in the Wall Street Journal, the author documents her mother’s end of life choices.

Frequently Asked Questions about Texas Guardianships

What is guardianship? In the event that an individual becomes incapacitated and can longer care for herself or manage her financial affairs, a court may appoint a legal representative (the guardian) to take on these responsibilities on behalf of the incapacitated person (also known as the “ward”). A guardianship is essentially when a a court appoints …

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